ACE Health Innovations

ACE Health is an innovative healthcare company that provides feedback on patients and engaging software that reliably collects patient data. It was founded in 2009. Their goal was to try to connect a patient and a physician to diagrammatically see the progress of recovery and by creating an open-fit application. They also allow patients, that is, users of this application to pay for their treatments in comparison with the progression of treatment that this application displays.

What is OpenFIT?

OpenFIT is a unique patient return program and allows patients to receive feedback on their progress in treatment and experience of providing services in real time. This facilitates feedback with feedback, which significantly improves patient engagement and treatment outcomes. OpenFIT can be used for the purpose of care or during the treatment session. It can also be used as standalone software.

Founded by the developers of ACE Health Innovations. openFIT is a plug-in that integrates ORS and SRS measures, as well as related algorithms in almost all existing healthcare software systems including Electronic Healthcare Equipment, Case Management Systems or eMental Health applications. One of the primary benefits for end users is a flawless experience without the need to log in to a specific outcome measurement system, as well as a more efficient approach

Treatment course with openFIT

Treatment course with openFITDuring treatment, OpenFIT provides useful, timely and relevant findings that doctors themselves can use to enhance patient engagement and outcome

Post-treatment of OpenFIT provides key indicators used by our clients, while health care providers use this information to meet new health quality conditions and rules for adjusting performance payments after each treatment.

Where can everything be installed openFIT?

OpenFIT is a system that enables smartphones and tablets to implement feedback on outcomes in behavioral health and cases of substance abuse. Provides electronic data collection on tablets and laptops and provides access to validated output measurement tools, including scores of results (ORS), PHK and GAD-7 (other outcome tools can be included on request).