Allergy Prevention

More and more people believe in natural treatments. When allergies are concerned, traditional medicine leaves room for natural treatment. Allergic rhinitis that causes allergens is a long-term problem. It is necessary to invest time and effort to control allergic symptoms. In addition to medicines that are regularly used, especially in acute conditions, natural treatments can be greatly helped to relieve symptoms.

Avoiding allergens

Avoiding-allergensIf you can avoid or reduce contact with allergens, you may be able to completely reduce symptoms and control your allergy with less medication. This way you can directly affect the suppression of all atopic symptoms, but also the sinus inflammation. Avoiding allergens is one of the key ways to treat allergies naturally.

How to exclude allergens from the environment?

How to exclude allergens from the environment?Control dust and mites, the largest animal allergens, regular suction and laundry washing, once a week at a minimum temperature of 60 degrees. Use other ways to remove mites, anti-allergic mattresses, pillows, and bedding.

Try to remove mites. Today, there are tools that make it easy to remove mites from surface parts of furniture and carpets in the form of anti-mites sprays or special medical covers that do not allow the penetration of mites in pillows, mattresses or bedding.

Control the hair of animals and allergens from pets. One way is to limit the access of animals to the living space.

Prevention of allergies

Preventing an allergic reaction depends on what type of allergy you have. General measures include the following:

– Avoid familiar triggers. Even if you started taking symptomatic anti-allergic drugs, you still need to try to avoid triggers. Joint triggers include allergen particles in the open air, at home or at work, and certain foods, insects or liquors. Some allergic reactions are activated or exacerbated at extreme temperatures or in severe emotional stress.

– A diary logic of allergic symptoms. When trying to identify what causes or aggravates allergy symptoms, try to track all your activities, and note what you do to help or aggravate the condition. This can be of help to your doctor in order to quickly detect the triggers and triggers and thus apply the best measures to prevent and treat allergies in the specific case.

Prevention of allergies– Wear a medical alert bracelet. If you have ever had a severe allergic reaction, a medical alert (or necklace) bracelet allows other people to know that you have serious allergies, and in case they occur (for example, anaphylaxis with a loss of consciousness), they can act in the right way.