The Health of Mont Blanc Research

You wonder why all sick people are recommended to go to the mountains? In this text, you will find the answer to that. One of the most attractive destinations in Europe is Mont Blanc. Mountain wrecks, one of the cleanest and most visited in Europe, just because this altitude affects our health.

The impact of altitude on health primarily

With an increase in altitude, there is a decrease in barometric pressure and the percentage of oxygen, which causes the body to take more air. Reducing the amount of oxygen in the body or hypoxia stimulates the production of erythrocytes up to as much as 30%, increasing their volume. In erythrocytes, the amount of hemoglobin is normal while the concentration is reduced because the erythrocytes are larger, which allows for greater oxygen utilization. An increase in the number of erythrocytes and the total amount of hemoglobin is normal when acclimatizing and staying in the mountains.

The effect of relief on our body

The effect of relief on our bodyThe relief with more depressions and protrusions is more of a kind to the human eye and psyche than a flat plain. The lowlands trigger a sense of recklessness, and a similarly disfigured relief, with a number of mountain peaks and hair with a large slope of the terrain. Slightly stricken terrain and areas of low and medium-high mountains are considered to be the most suitable for the psychological health of people.

The slopes of the terrain condition the mobility. Territories characterized by higher inclinations make people who live on them or are on vacation to move more, which makes their health better than those who live in the plain. There is no better relief for everyday stress than walking in nature and staying in the fresh air. In addition, this is the best way to prevent the accumulation of excess pounds.

Impact on the psychological state

The state of hyperactive children is visibly improving while in nature, and the same applies to people who recover from some operation. In addition to reducing the impact of stress, staying in nature encourages physical activity, which together gives a winning combination for the health of each individual. Some people are more likely to practice in nature than in sports halls. Therefore, since visiting the nearby shopping center, staying in nature is a better and healthier way to spend the weekend.